Text Detective

Find and read text with your mobile phone

Text Detective can detect text and read it aloud--whether it's a nearby sign, a handout, or a document.

Here's what users say about the app:

“It truly is an app among apps. Nothing I've ever used for iOS comes close.” - Andre

“Love it! Love it! Love it. I especially like the way it just keeps scanning until it finds text." - Mark

"I have had success with the app identifying labels at work. Thank you very much!" -Paul

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Text Detective Icon with a magnifying glass looking for text
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New ways to find and magnify text

Forget your clunky CCTV - MagniFire for the iPad or iPad Mini will change the way magnification is done, specifically when you use it for reading text.

MagniFire will find the text, magnify it and enhance it to suite your visual need - as simple as snap, tap and read.

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MagniFire by Blindsight

Braille Typewriting on a Mac

Blindsight's Perkolator is a six-key braille emulator program that makes it easy to practice Braille typewriting on a Mac.

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Striving to provide information and communication access without barriers.


An iPhone is pointed at text and the application detects the text We're developing text- and object detection software that provides information about your environment...

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Beta testing out a phone app to detect textWe are not currently enrolling new beta testers.

The Blindsight Team

A meeting room full of Blindsight people coding away on their notebooksBlindsight’s value lies in a combination of its intellectual assets (patents,software, brand, products and processes), its network of leading...

The Blindsight Story

Blindsight Logo We are computer vision experts and we are building software that helps people read! Our aim is: to be the de facto standard core text-capture engine...