Changing the World

Blindsight has a vision that can change the future of the world. While the products and services that are being developed are geared toward the visually impaired and the elderly, those that are not blind or elderly benefit as well.

Currently, times are changing for the visually impaired. Text Detective places text detection in the palm of a visually impaired person’s hand by allowing them to read text when Braille is not present. This is the first product in Blindsight’s Handsight suite of mobile products and services. Perkolator makes writing and learning Braille much easier for the visually impaired. Sight On Call is being researched and developed to where it can be like OnStar for the visually impaired and elderly. Smart Telescope utilizes text detection and the future of this device could include the detection and reading of product information, bar codes, colors, signs, and much more. All of this can change the world for so many people in many ways.

More advances in computer vision will change the world for the visually impaired by enabling them to interact more with society. Shopping, taking a walk, and going to a restaurant without needing assistance are activities that both the visually impaired and elderly dream of doing. And being that there is an unemployment rate of 60% among those with visual impairments, technological developments enabling them to “see” can change that. A blind individual has the potential to become just as productive as a sighted person if they have the right tools.

The elderly can also benefit with services, such as Sight On Call, to avoid getting lost or they can receive answers to questions that will increase their confidence when out in public. In turn, this can bring a great deal of peace of mind to the loved ones of both the blind and the elderly, knowing that the tools are there to make them more independent, productive, and safe. Employers will even be able to take advantage of talent that they may not have been able to take advantage of before. This is how Blindsight can change the world for so many individuals, despite how well they can or cannot see.