Imagining the Future

Within the past 30 years, innovation for the blind moved slowly. The introduction of the iPhone changed that with features that transformed the way the vision impaired interacts. Its processing power has made it the platform of choice for Blindsight, allowing for emphasis on the accessibility of this device.

This is why Blindsight is putting so much into the research into the development of new ideas and products that can change the world for the blind and for the elderly. Blindsight is a research organization and it is evident that the vision for the future is an optimistic one. Thus far, that optimism has led to the development of Text Detective, Perkolator, and Magnifier, which is a soon-to-be beta iPad application designed to help low vision users magnify text and objects.

As technology advances, Blindsight is able to take those advancements and integrate them into its ongoing research. In other words, Blindsight is doing everything possible to change the world for the blind and for the elderly. These advancements are not just about more independence, but having a better quality of life by being able to take advantage of opportunities that were once not open to sight impaired individuals.

Take Handsight, for instance. Handsight is a service that is mobile phone-based and possesses a number of sight-assistant functions. Text Detective is the first Handsight application. The user simply points the phone’s camera toward an area and Blindsight’s patented algorithm analyzes the video and tells the user whether there is text present or not. If there is, the text-to-speech software takes over and reads the text.

Handsight’s technology is also being implemented in the development of Smart Telescope, which is a pair of comfortable and stylish sunglasses that does what the iPhone does with Text Detective when pointed to an area. Nonetheless, the future of Handsight involves recognizing signs, currency, barcodes, product information, colors, and faces. This form of computer vision will open a whole new world for the blind, allowing opportunities that were never before realized.

Add in the development of Sight On Call and Blindsight is developing solutions that work for sight impaired and elderly individuals from all walks of life. Sight On Call is to be like a GM OnStar service for the blind. When assistance is needed, a call can be placed to a qualified and knowledgeable workforce that can provide answers, such as directions. Such a service could instill confidence and security in individuals who may currently confine themselves only to what they know.

These steps make visions a reality. A firm belief that Blindsight can change the world through revolutionary developments is moving the company into the future. This is not an organization that backs down on an idea. Twenty years of persistence has led to an organization that makes great strides, including expansion into Europe, to help aging and blind Europeans take advantage of tools that encourage more freedom, better well-being, and the ability to take advantage of opportunities.