HelloAgain Challenge – New Ways to Care, Connect and Interact

Blindsight has been funded by the National Institutes of Health to develop novel assistive technologies to increase the independence of the senior, blind and low-vision populations.

As part of this effort, Blindsight and Emporia Telecom is conducting a national open innovation competition to engage the public in imagining new ways of leveraging mobile technology to improve elder care and independence, including intergenerational communication and collaboration.

Virtual Companionship

Imagine a service designed to be a companion at your fingertips helping you to live independently, travel safely, find the best deals in your neighborhood shops, and manage your health and home chores using mobile technology. What would that look like? Describe how you might use such a companion, and how it would work.

Caring from Afar

Imagine a system that makes it possible to provide and receive help at a distance. Perhaps a parent is stumped by a computer glitch? Perhaps a grandchild needs help building a toy model? Describe the tasks that you would like to be able to solve from afar when receiving or providing help and outline a solution for it.

Friends and Family Connector

Friends and family members often live far away from each other. Think about what’s important to you when interacting with your family, grandchildren or friends. What kind of device would connect you and your family remotely to share important moments? Describe such a device and what you would use it for.