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Building the Foundation

Blindsight develops advanced assistive technologies for blind and actively aging individuals. We do this based on three areas of expertise - computer vision & technology, training and education and user innovation & research...
three components of Blindsights expertise: Computer Vision Technology, Training & Education and User Innovation & Research shown in a circle that build the foundation for continuous innovation in advanced assistive technology

Imagining the Future

Breaking down the visual barriers in daily life and work.

There is no doubt that the blind can make an impact within society and on the economy by making their business ideas a reality. Blindsight is working hard on new ideas, products, and services that can give the blind the same opportunities as someone who can see.

Blindsight's vision of setting up an incubator for entrepreneurs with visual access needs brings together the advances in text detection, remote assistance and research capabilities that give a blind individual the ability to more than provide for themselves and/or their family and they become much happier. Their quality of life increases significantly.

Changing the World Now

Blindsight is changing the world now!

Take the development of Text Detective, Perkolator, and Magnifier, which is a soon-to-be beta iPad application designed to help low vision users magnify text and objects. As technology advances, Blindsight is able to take those advancements and integrate them into its ongoing research. In other words, Blindsight is doing everything possible to change the world for the blind and for the elderly. These advancements are not just about more independence, but having a better quality of life by being able to take advantage of opportunities that were once not open to sight impaired individuals.