Join Us

We have a lot to offer and several ways for you to take part on writing the next chapter on the story of Blindsight or even define a new milestone in the history of making daily life more accessible and independent.

Here are the different options to join us:

  • Become a developer, whether as intern, part-time, consultant or full-time.
  • Become a beta tester for our mobile apps, devices and concepts.

Work for Us

We’re crazy for technology and building stuff that truly makes the world a better place. We’re doing it with a team of different perspectives – whether from an academics point of view, engineering, business or even arts. And we love skunk works, experimentation, collaboration, and… the art of coffee making!

Interested in joining us? Check out our latest offerings here or send us a you resume with your area of interest!

The Blindsight team sitting infront of computers discussing solutions

Test with Us

We’re constantly researching, experimenting and testing apps, features or behaviors and experiences of our ideas. And we’re let the user take part in the idea creation and product development process from the start. Whether it is through focus groups, interviews or product tests through our beta test program.

Sign up here to get a spot in contributing to the development of life-changing, accessible and easy-to-use technology with a social impact.

user testing video glasses and pressing a button on a handheld device