Become an Entrepreneur

Creating an environment for individuals with vision impairment to build their own businesses and realize their entrepreneurial ideas.


We are currently gathering information and contacts for a project which is focused on providing the support and technology necessary to individuals as they start up a new business.

We are looking for candidates who are interested in starting their own enterprise, whether it’s a corporation or a consulting service, who have a specific interest and idea, and the skills necessary to support the development of that idea.

Our goals
  • Enable individuals with access needs to excel on their visions / purpose, etc
  • Take on the issue of the unemployment rate of over 60% among people with visual access needs, by supporting them as they create businesses and jobs
  • Gather in-depth understanding of the needs of Blind and Low Vision people in the professional environment
  • Develop assistive technology and concepts that can not only help entrepreneurs but the broader population with vision impairment.
  • Create a model for Blind entrepreneurship
  • Create businesses that are more likely to hire other Blind employees
What we look for
  • People with an idea for a business or technology, where visual impairment so far has prevented them from pursuing their idea / vision
  • College degree
  • That’s it


Disclaimer: this is a project which may or may not be funded; even if it is funded, individual businesses are not guaranteed success. There is always some risk in entrepreneurship, so we are looking for individuals who understand and accept the uncertainty here but want to participate in this research project, which will produce benefits for the blind population.

Interested? Send in your resume with a brief description of your idea and we’d love to talk to you! Our email is