Use the camera on your iPad to magnify text on a page—our magnifier will detect the text areas for you, allow you to change contrast and magnify to whatever size you need.
MagniFire - Blindsight

User holding iPad at a medicine bottle taking an image with the Magnifier App


Smart Magnifier app scans image for text


image of reading text  with the detected lines at different angles


showing the black/white, blue/yellow, read/black and green/black contrast options of Smart Magnifier


The MagniFire text magnifier is an application for the iPad that combines text detection with an extremely easy user interface, to create a completely new magnifier experience.

The user can snap a photo, set the iPad down and read. The Blindsight MagniFire lets you:

  • Finds text, columns & groups
  • scroll continuously from line to line, column to column and panel to panel with a single swipe.
  • Stretch the magnified area
  • Adjust contrast (black on white, white on black, blue on yellow, yellow on blue, green on black and red on black)