Perkolator – Beta

Blindsight’s Perkolator is a six-key braille emulator program that makes it easy to practice Braille typewriting on a Mac.

Perkolator icon
Download the newest Beta Version for MacOS!


Perkolator allows the user to create and edit electronic Braille (BRF) files by using the six keys (sdf-jkl) on a regular QWERTY keyboard. It is designed for instructional training to learn Braille and to practice Braille skills without the need for expensive Braille equipment.

  • Views – text and Braille
  • Formatting – font adjustments (normal, outline and dots, size)
  • Keyboard – Perkins or normal QWERTY
  • Editing – spelling and grammar check, speech output, copy/paste
  • Customizable page sizes – rows, columns


The software runs on MacOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and up.