Smart Telescope

The Smart Telescope is a small, wearable device that combines computer vision software with a personalized, low-vision display. It finds text areas or faces in daily life scenes, and then presents these one by one to the better eye of the user. It magnifies, sharpens and adds contrast, all in a manner tailored to the user’s personal visual limitations.

This project is funded in part by the NIH / National Eye Institute grant R44 EY014487.

Comfort and Fashion

Text detection

Text enhancement


Key features
  • Finding, enhancing and tracking text
  • Easy to use interface
  • Fashionable appeal
  • Comfortable to wear

The Smart Telescope is a wearable, battery powered, computer vision device. It is used in the similar manner as traditional handheld monocular telescopes, but provides image freezing, text detection and enhancement facilities as well as the ability to archive digital images.

The product consists of a handheld unit, intended to be carried in a pocket, and a head-mounted unit, made to resemble sunglasses. The handheld device houses the main processor, hand controls and rechargeable battery. The head-mounted unit has a display above both eyes and a camera.


Blindsight« uses computer vision technology to develop software to assist the blind and partially blind. Over the past 7+ years, Blindsight« has developed a proprietary algorithm and software that finitely targets text detection within a scene.

This unique software solves a targeted number of issues that affect the low-vision population. Our goal is to create unique assistive products using this software in order to help produce the strongest results possible in the marketplace.