We’re developing text- and object detection software that provides information about your environment – at your finger tips, accessible and easy to use. To make this all possible, we are using a rigorous test and agile development approach.
Text and Object Detection
Text Detection software that runs on an iPad shows the detected text areas for paragraph text, angled and skewed text, through rectangles drawn around the words and paragraphs

While humans with reasonable visual capabilities have no problems finding and reading text in wild environments, for computers, this is still a challenging task. Text comes in various forms – vertical, horizontal, warped, in paragraphs, shaded, obscured, just to name a few.

Blindsight’s patented text detection algorithm is specifically tuned to address these challenges and making finding and reading text possible on today’s smartphone devices – in real time.

Key Applications

Here are a few examples of how text detection is deployed:

  • Our first application, TextDetective, helps the Blind and Low Vision finding and reading text with their iPhone
  • We have licensed our algorithm. Applications include the optimization of image search and advertising results
  • A magnification application is ready to hit the market in 2012 to support Low Vision in finding and reading text
To learn more about what’s next on Text Detection, check out our research project “TextPeriscope” here.

Technological principles

“Life-Changing Technology – Accessible and Easy”
We’re thrilled about solving technological problems, and finding new ways to recognize objects, texts and colors in our surrounding environment.

And, we believe that our users and customers are an integral part of advancing the state-of-the-art in computer vision to build live-changing technologies that are delightful, easy to use and accessible to everyone.

This is possible through a rapid and rigorous development and test framework that allows us to prototype new functions and test them quickly with our wide network of beta user and partners.

Our 4 basic development principles
  • Technological excellence
  • User integration right from the start
  • Agile development and a rigorous test approach
  • Ease of use and accessiblity