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Text Detective is an application for the iPhone and Android that can detect text and read it aloud–whether it’s a nearby sign, a handout, or any other document. The application uses the phone’s camera, and our patented text detection algorithm analyzes the video stream and tells you whether there is text or not. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and VoiceOver parse the text that was found and read it aloud, all within seconds.

The creation of this product was supported in part by SBIR grants from the National Institutes of Health (grants no. EY011821 and EY020707).

Text Detective by Blindsight is covered by U.S. Patent No. 7,817,855, and pending US and international patents.

Note: Best results are achieved with an iPhone 4S and higher because of its camera resolution and processing power. On Android, a NEON-capable device is required.

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